The word "doula" is Greek in origin and literally means "woman servant." In the past doulas have been sisters, aunts, mothers, grandmothers, close friends, and community members. People who have experienced birth before, either personally, or by being present at other births.

Doulas have a wealth of resources to help prepare you for pregnancy, labor, and the arrival of your baby. We help seek answers to the variety of questions you may have about your pregnancy.  We help you think about questions you might not have considered in your preparations. And most importantly, doulas provide emotional, and often physical, support for both the pregnant person and partner. Our experience and training enable us to provide reassurance in addition to suggesting positions for comfort and progressing labor, tools for coping with pain, and massage for relaxation.

For more information about what doulas do, DONA has an amazing article called  The Birth Doula's Contribution to Maternity Care which I have linked to here.