I offer birth and abortion doula services and placenta encapsulation. Below are my suggested fees. I am committed to providing services to queer, lesbian, and trans individuals, people of color, and folks with low income. I know that financial access is often a barrier to receiving the best care possible. If financial matters are preventing you from contacting me, please ask me about my sliding scale and volunteer services.

Birth Doula Services $1300

2 Pre-Natal Visits
2 Post-Partum Visits
On-call availability two weeks prior, and two weeks after due date
Light massage, aromatherapy, and other comfort measures during birth
Resource for exercises and positions to aid in labor and birth
Labor support for pregnant person, and partner
Alternative intervention education

Abortion Doula Services

Please contact me for more information. 

Placenta Encapsulation Services $250

On-call availability two weeks prior, and two weeks after due date
Commitment to 48 return of your placenta capsules
Use of only organic ingredients in preparing your capsules
Umbilical chord keepsake
Placenta Print and Placenta Tincture

Kitchen Medicine 

I create salves and bath salts that promote postpartum healing in my very own kitchen. I am not an herbalist. Rather I create remedies based on the knowledge of herbalists I know and am familiar with. If you have any special herb friends let me know! I love to incorporate client preferences into my remedies. All items are made to order.

  • Nipple balm $10
  • Postpartum Sitz bath blend $10
  • Placenta salve (must be ordered in conjunction with general placenta services) $30
  • Healing salve $10