Placenta consumption has been present in many cultures over most of history. Its resurgence in mainstream American culture relates to a rise in interest in alternative and holistic methods of healing. Many birthing people report benefits from placenta consumption, specifically placenta capsules. Some common experiences are an increase in milk production, mood stabilization post-partum, increased energy, increased healing time, and an overall improvement in well being.  

I prepare placentas using the Chinese medicine tradition, which focuses on bringing heat energy back into the birthing person's body. I steam the placenta with organic jalapenos, lemon, and ginger. I then dehydrate the placenta, and grind it to put into capsules. This entire process is done in accordance with food health and safety guidelines. 

Included in my placenta package are an umbilical cord keepsake, placenta print, and placenta tincture. After I clean the placenta, I place it on acid-free paper to capture the tree like design of the placenta. I remove the umbilical cord and dry it. The cord can be used for a teething ring for your little one, or kept in a frame as a beautiful memory. I usually shape the umbilical cord into a heart or infinity symbol depending on size.  Before steaming the placenta a cut a small piece off and submerge it in alcohol. This tincture will keep indefinitely and may be used later for mood support, to ward off illness, and for many other ailments.

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Things are going great! I can really tell a difference with the pills! I feel really good, lots of energy, LOTS of milk for our chunky monkey and no postpartum anxiety or anything! I am so grateful that you were able to make my pills for me! 😊 I am currently taking 2 pills in the morning and 1 at night and that seems to be doing it’s job.
— Cortney