Q. What are my fees going to?

A. I am here for you from the moment you hire me. From worries about doctor's visits, to stress about which family member will be present during your labor, I am here to listen and support whenever you need me. This means that I sacrifice a good portion of my time and energy to your family-- and happily! You are paying for 24 hour, 7 day a week support from an experienced birth worker. When I am not directly working with your family, I am taking classes, reading books, and connecting with other birth workers to offer the best network of resources and information possible to share with you.  It can be hard to reconcile writing a check for $1300+ for something that seems intangible. Especially in a society where emotional and spiritual work often comes for free. Even as a doula and caregiver myself I struggle with accepting money for what I consider a calling.  As a radical doula, it is important for me to remind myself and my clients that all people deserve to have their basic needs met. And that means collecting fees for my many gifts.

Q. When should I choose a birth doula?

A. As soon as you decide to bring a life into this world! Honestly, it is never too soon to search for a doula. It may be that you have questions and concerns about early pregnancy and need someone to talk to about this. You may be particular about who you connect with and invite in your space. It takes time and energy to choose someone for this intimate role. Only you know when is right to seek some extra support. 

Q. Who needs a doula?

A. Many people choose a doula because they are seeking a comforting and knowledgeable presence in the room with them. People need this for various reasons: there is no partner in the picture, their family is not supportive for whatever reason, or their partner and/or support person could use an extra hand as well. The short answer is: anyone who wants one. Birth and loss are heavy emotional experiences that take a physical toll as well. It can be helpful to have someone to boil the kettle, make you lunch, or just sit with you even if it feels like an extravagance.