I have always been a doula. 

Doula work is service, support, deep listening, and unconditional love. I have always been the friend you cried to, who was there for you when things were hard. 

Now, I'm formally trained in understanding and respecting reproductive health. I became a birth doula in 2013 and since then I have served at many beautiful births including: non medicated, planned medicated, hospital, home, and birth center. I've been a medical assistant at a family planning clinic, a sexual health educator, and a community volunteer for women unable to afford birth support. 

I have deep respect for the physical, emotional, and spiritual labor of miscarriage, birth, and abortion. I am an experienced, committed, and compassionate ally in that journey. 

I honestly can’t imagine my birth experience without her. It was such a surprising thing to go into labor early and since I hadn’t really met with her for prenatal visits I was nervous she wouldn’t know what kind of experience I wanted. I was pleasantly surprised that from just our interview she seemed to understand what I valued and so when she came to the hospital she created the environment and experience that was exactly what I wanted.
— Tanya